FoliFixx screen protector

The best protection for your smartphone display

Our screen protector FoliFIXX

Everyone knows the problem: if the smartphone with keys, change or other objects is put in the pocket or handbag, sooner or later the display of the mobile phone will be scratched. Even with the greatest care, you will sooner or later find small scratches on the display. Even solid dust particles leave small damage after prolonged use of the smartphone. This is exactly where our FoliFIXX screen protectors come in and protect your smartphone or iPad from scratches and damage to the screen.

With a FoliFIXX screen protector, which is only a few millimeters thick and fits exactly on your device, you have high-quality and long-lasting protection against scratches and damage to your display. The screen protector does not affect the touch functions or the image quality and can be quickly installed by our team on site.

Advantages of our screen protector for your smartphone and iPad

Our screen protector FoliFIXX ensures that neither keys and change in your pocket nor small stone and dust particles can harm your smartphone display. As long-term and high-quality protection, a protective film is the optimal way to have a scratch-free and beautiful screen on your smartphone or cell phone even after years of use.

FoliFixx display protectors – the optimal solution for your smartphone and iPad.
Available for many models.

The ultimate protection
for your smartphone and iPad


In order to guarantee maximum durability and an optimal result, we only assemble our FoliFIXX screen protector in our shop in Weiden. So you get a perfectly protected display - bubble-free and clean.

Protection against
damaged displays

Regardless of whether it is small micro-scratches from grains of dust and sand or larger scratches from keys or other metallic objects: our FoliFIXX screen protector is highly effective in preventing damage to your smartphone or iPad screen.

and of high quality

Our screen protector FoliFIXX is self-repairing, water-repellent and does not break if there are small scratches. The film is available for every smartphone model - for only € 20.00 per film including assembly (iPad € 30.00 per film including assembly). Please contact us for further information!