Wertgarantie mobile phone insurance

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WERTGARANTIE mobile phone insurance

Many people do not know that they can insure their cell phone or tablet. A WERTGARANTIE mobile phone insurance can be a promising way to protect your device from costly repairs. So there is no further stress after a battery change, a display change or another smartphone repair, as the repair costs are covered up to 100% depending on the insurance.

We are an official partner of WERTGARANTIE mobile phone insurance and can therefore offer you the best service for repairs and the handling of your claim. Our expert team will support you around the entire cost reimbursement process.

Advantages of smartphone insurance

If the smartphone, iPhone or iPad is damaged, the damage is already big enough. In this case, smartphone insurance can at least cover the costs incurred for the repair, which can be up to several hundred euros, depending on the device.

For optimal protection of your device, it is advisable to take out mobile phone insurance immediately after purchase, so that your mobile phone is optimally protected from day one. As an official WERTGARANTIE partner, we would be happy to advise you comprehensively and simply.

This is how your smartphone repair works with us with a
WERTGARANTIE mobile phone insurance


Submitting the documents

We'll take care of submitting the required documents and applications to your WERTGARANTIE mobile phone insurance, so that your repairs can be processed as easily as possible.


Repairing your device

After your mobile phone insurance has been approved and your device has been thoroughly checked, your smartphone or iPad will be professionally and reliably repaired by us and all damage and problems will be eliminated.


Repair payment

You pay us for the repair in advance (in cash or by debit card, credit card, contactless, Apple Pay or Google Pay) and thus make an advance payment. At the same time, we prepare all documents for the WERTGARANTIE mobile phone insurance so that you get the repair costs reimbursed.


Refund of repair costs

After the documents have been checked by your WERTGARANTIE mobile phone insurance, you will be reimbursed the costs for the repair that you previously paid to us directly from the smartphone insurance company.