Tips and tricks for your smartphone or iPad

Battery care

Full charging is not beneficial.
What most people should not be aware of is that the charging area is also relevant: you should recharge in a range between 20 percent and 80 percent if possible. Once a week, the battery must be 100% completely discharged in order to end the charging cycle.

Incidentally, rechargeable batteries can be damaged if devices such as notebooks or smartphones are permanently connected to the power supply: The batteries can heat up unnecessarily and thus lose their service life ...

Immediate action in the event of water damage

Switch off the affected device and immediately remove it from any power sources and keep it away to avoid short circuits.

If possible, remove the battery, SIM card and all memory cards.

Wipe your device with a cloth so that the coarse liquid is removed. However, do not open the device and do not attempt to remove liquid from inside the device with a cloth or similar object.

Under no circumstances dry the defective cell phone with a hair dryer, microwave, heater or stove - because that usually causes further damage to the device ...